Oct 10, 2007

Aurat Foundation Reports on Beheading in Bannu - NWFP

ANAA requested Aurat Foundation (website) to make our readers more aware of human right situation in Bannu after beheading of two women. Click here for ANAA report on the incidence.

ANAA thanks Anis Haroon, resident director - Aurat foundation, for detailed look into the human right atrocity in Bannu.

Aurat Foundation reports that the law and order situation in the North-West Frontier Province has worsened beyond imagination. The civil liberties are under threat both by the state and medieval elements. The private FM radios are fully in action to spread the retrogressive ideas and in cases even leading to bloody clashes. The music and CD shops are being targeted with bombings to terrorize the masses and force on them their own brand of religion.

Unidentified killers beheaded two women in Bannu after accusing them of prostitution and dumped their bodies in a canal in Moomandkhel on Friday September 07, 2007.

On September 21, 2007 The Aurat Foundation fact-finding team led by Resident Director Rukhshanda Naz, and comprising human rights activist Jamila Gillani , AF staff members Noor Zeba and Asim Maik visited Bannu.

The team called on Bannu DIG Amir Hamza Mehsud. The DIG further added that there were two types of phenomena in Bannu militancy. One was the true Taliban who apparently respected women while others were the criminals acting in the guise of Taliban.

The team, after meeting the DIG, contacted one local woman rights activist Mian Mehfooz-ur-Rehman, presently employed in a government-run project in Bannu. He said the situation had a little improved in Bannu but still it was not possible for women to come to their work places. He said once they reached the office, they locked the door from outside as to show that no work was going on here.

Team then met an advocate who hoped that the civil society and politicians, would not waste time questioning the "morality" of the murdered, but articulate their criticism in strongest possible term against this gross violation of human rights.

Report concluded that the de-capitulation of two women in Bannu was done on suspicion of their involvement in "immoral" activities and the authorities made this statement. They themselves were also not convinced. But they want to take advantage of this propaganda to cite the justification for the murders.

Threatening letters were issued to Bannu NGOs MNAs/MPAs and media, but interestingly all were posted from Peshawar. Lack of immediate & strong action from the government against the criminals is leading to an increase in the incidents & no woman is safe in the conflict area and NWFP. full report

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