Oct 9, 2007

Flood, Death and Drainage System: Why are People in Badin (Sindh) Organizing?

July 2003: Sindh experienced heavy rainfall. Badin district map of area was flooded. More than 100 people died and 6,50,000 people displaced.Relief operations were disorganised and thousands lost their livelihood as crops, land and animals were destroyed.
Dawn Report, another report
ABC news report. click here
Pattan Development Org Report click here

Dec 2003: Misery continues as flood victims were facing extreme poverty and awaiting rehabilitation. Only tributary supplying clean drinking water has dried. Dawn Report

March 2005: President General Musharraf states that mishap happened because of flood in the LBOD. click here

LBOD (Left Bank Outfall Drain- detailed map of project ) is a drainage system constructed to drain effluent from Nawabshah, Sanghar and Mirpurkas into Arabian sea passing through Badin. Project was funded by International donors including World Bank. LBOD work started in 1980 and finished in 1997 at an expense of $ 1 Billion.

Final passage of effluent to the sea required a 42km long "tidal drain". This exposed Badin and surrounding area to indulgence by saline sea water.

2003 flooding was alleged primarily to the "tidal drain" as Badin was the point where flood water coming from North met sea water gushing onto tidal drain from south. Badin thus flooded and destroyed the livelihood of thousands.

"Tidal Drain" is still inatct and next rains as in 2003 can bring the misery back to Badin. People of Badin are protesting to dismantle the drain.

Wetlands which are natural "flood controller" and served as a grazing ground and habitat of rare vegetation and wild life were destroyed.
wetland, wetland as flood controller, US Environment Agency on wetlands.

July 2007: People of Badin launches anti-LBOD Tehreek (movement).

Sept 2007: Locals continue their struggle. Recently 2000 people attended people's tribunal organised by Pakistan fisher fork forum. People's vowed that they will not welcome any such project till their grievances were addressed.

Inquiry report holds department of irrigation responsible click here
Pakistan Fisherfolk Forum - Awami Adalat in Badin click here

Washington DC Area - Informal Discussion on LBOD on Sunday 21st October 2007 arranged by SANA and expatriate Sindhi community. (click here for details)


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