Nov 27, 2007

Wed 5th Dec 2007: Day on the Hill - Announcement

Dear All concerned Pakistanis living in the USA:

Pakistan, the country of our identity is at cross roads today. The assault on judiciary, if left unchallenged will leave a permanent mark in our history. It is our time to act and do our part.

A group of various organizations and individuals have come forward to arrange an advocacy day on the hill on Wednesday, Dec 5th, 2007. The room has been booked through Zafar Iqbal of ANAA.

Although the congress is in recess and it is a religious Jewish holiday, many lawmakers will be in town for regular business. The offices of all the lawmakers are open on that day.

If you are interested in participating in this event, please let us know if you can contribute in one of the three ways. ie financially, bringing yourself and others to the event to show support to the cause, and most important, by bringing in your congressman or his/her staff to the event.

All those who help the event in any of the three above mentioned ways will be listed as the sponsors of the event. The podium time will be allotted to the elected US representatives only. The sponsors who bring in the elected representatives will have the privilege to introduce them. No other speakers will be entertained.

The sponsors so far are (in order of their acceptance of responsibility) ANAA, AOPP, AMPI, Doctors for Democracy, APPJD, PADD, PAC. Many are joining in their individual capacity.

Please use the following pintail announcement click here to reach your congressman/ senator. Please find out the contacts of your representative by visiting the site, click here

Ask for the foreign relations staffer and give the information below. Once you have secured an appointment with the representative, please forward that information to me at or at cell 917-860-0808.

We need a critical mass of the representatives by Wednesday Nov 28th, in order to proceed with the event. Please make this your first priority to secure appointments.

Nasir Gondal

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