Sep 9, 2007

Bannu - NWFP:Women Beheaded by extremists in Pakistan

Rising influence of extremists is talibanizing FATA and NWFP. Women, like in Afghanistan, are the first casualty of this extremism. Burning of music stores, barbers warned for shaving beards and this gruesome murder of two women is an eye opener.

These women were returning from hospital. Their vehicle was blocked, one of their friend escaped and the other two were taken by the murderers and beheaded. Their bodies were thrown in a canal with a note saying, "All males and females running brothels, including the one who escaped on Thursday, are warned to wind up their ugly business or they would meet the same fate"

Courts should take notice of this act and civil society including politicians should criticise this in strongest possible way. Dawn Daily wrote a strong editorial (Click here) on the incident.

See ANAA Press Release (click here)

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fakhiuddin ahmed said...

Bismillah Arrehman Nirrahim
I unequivocally condemn these criminal acts carried out in the name of religion.
I will write to Dawn and thank them for a brave stand.
How many of the pols have publicly critised this act and what measures are taken to bring these extremists to justice?
Fakhiuddin Ahmed M.D.