Sep 9, 2007

NWFP-Bannu: Beheading of Women

ANAA Press Release
8th Sept 2007

NWFP-Bannu: Beheading of Women accused of “immoral activities”

ANAA is outraged and saddened by the incident of beheading of two women, in NWFP, accused of “immoral activities”. The extremists are now concentrating on policing the morals of the society. Obvious talibanization of FATA and NWFP is very detrimental to the civil society.

Our society has become desensitized and accepted this violence as a way of life. ANAA hopes that the courts will use their new, well-deserved independence and take suo moto action.

ANAA hopes that the civil society and politicians, will not waste time questioning the “morality” of the murdered, but articulate their criticism in strongest possible term against this gross violation of human rights.

May the souls of these unfortunate ladies rest in peace.

For details of the case, click here.


Sandra said...

UNESCO reports that the overall literacy rate among women and girls in Pakistan is somewhere between 12-26% (often literacy means only that they can sign their name.) Improving the literacy rate among Pakistani women will go a long way towards empowering them to know their rights and changing their lives. From Mukhtar Mai's website: "A society where women face no injustice on the basic of gender and are empowered enough to have education, better health, and economic independence; they should have proper awareness of their fundamental rights, have a right to make decisions affecting their lives and strive for positive social change." ( Other organizations working to empower Pakistani women through literacy and life skills are Greg Mortenson's Central Asia Institute at, Women's Development Association at and Developments in Literacy at

Dr J Talpur said...

This news is spine-chilling to say the least, & it should not be seen & dismissed as an isolated act-------but one which can [& probably will] set an unthinkable, appalling & barbaric precedence to further decay of the moral fabric of our society.

Immediate & strong action should be taken against the criminals who took the law into their own hands and did this----------or else soon this will become a trend & no woman will be safe in Pakistan.

Anonymous said...

The concept of morality appears to be a little skewed in NWFP.

From what I have heard MEN ARE MORE IN DEMAND FOR [& active in] "immoral activities" in that society than women-------or is this just ignorant little me who doesn't know white from black?????

Zaffar Iqbal said...

Question is what we can do from here,in US, to empower the civil society back in Pakistan.

Educating masses is important. How we can pressurize the (Pakistan) State to take these issues seriously.

Women are victimised because State has not shown the will to address these issues.

Anonymous said...

I am trying to learn more about the culture of Pakistan from my Pakistani- American friends. It gets me so ticked off when I hear my female Pakistani- American friends say, "I cannot date or even hang out with you as friends because of my religion." Not even as a friend we can't even hang out, but the men can. I came to a conclusion that the men are very insecure about themselves, so they want total control over their women. The sad thing is that most of the women either get brainwashed into believing it or they just accept their life as it is out of fear of the "big and tough man". I would love to meet a man that thinks he has the right to take control over his wife, girlfriend, daughter, or believes in "honor" killings. After 10 minutes with me he will think differently.