Sep 11, 2007

Nawaz Sharif Case: Govt risks contempt of court.

Pakistan Supreme court on 23rd August 2007 rightly said that Mr. Sharif like any other Pakistani has an in-alienable right to return. This was an important decision as it could have provided a chance for Pakistani people to chose the leaders of their choice in up-coming general elections. (Read Dawn Editorial)

Mr. Sharif landed in Islamabad on 10th September 2007. More than 2000 of Mr. Sharif's supporters were arrested weeks before his arrival. Risking contempt of court the military government refused to let Mr. Sharif leave the airport and he was put on a flight to Jeddah. Earlier Saudhi government officials have met Pakistani government and made it public that they would allow Mr. Sharif to come to Saudhi Arabia. (Read Dawn editorial)

Rise of religious extremism and increasing poverty and inflation can only be solved by a politically stable government that is backed by the will of people. Pakistan stand at a cross road. If the will of people will be respected Pakistan has an opportunity to evolve into a stable democratic society strong to fight the menace of terrorism. Otherwise, Pakistan might be heading to a chaos and become a breeding ground of terrorism.

Read ANAA Press Release

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