Oct 28, 2007

Aurat Foundation on Bannu's Beheading of Women

Anis Haroon, resident director of aurat foundation laments at the absence of public outrage on beheading of women in Bannu.

She writes in Daily Dawn about aurat foundation, one of leading human right organization, sending a fact finding team to Bannu.
Ms Haroon writes that the DIG perceives the Bannu security situation as an extension of the Waziristan conflict. The law-enforcement agencies claim to be at war with the militants.

She further writes that what is the police’s response to this incident? They are not seriously investigating the case which has led people to suspect that they are involved. A local journalist showed the AF team three threatening letter-cum-press releases from unknown ‘mujahideen’. Interestingly they were all posted from Peshawar.

Identifying two brands of militancy in Bannu, the DIG says the real Taliban apparently respect women. But worse are the common criminals who are acting in the guise of the Taliban. He mentioned two cases where police encounters with apparently religious extremists had caused the latter to surrender and they turned out to be ordinary criminals.

Oct 2007: Aurat Foundation sends a fact finding mission to Bannu. complete report

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