Oct 27, 2007

Munir Mengal: Baloch TV Director in Govt custody

4 th April, 2006: Munnir Mengal was picked up from Karachi airport. He has been preparing to launch a Baloch-language TV station, and this appears to be at least part of the reason he was arrested.

Munir Mengal is the director of "Baloch Voice", the first independent
Baloch-language satellite television channel. He has applied to the
Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority for a licence for the channel.

2nd Aug 2007: Chief Justice, Chaudhry Iftikhar Ahmed, issued notice to senior government officials in Balochistan to explain why political activists and others have been picked up in Balohistan. Daily Times 2nd Aug, 2007

Sept 2007: Munir Mengal was exonerated of all charges by Balochistan High court but, according to his family, is again being detained by the intelligence agencies at an unknown location. Daily Times 14 Sept, 2007

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Local people in Balochistan are demanding a bigger share of the revenue
generated by the province's natural resources, principally natural gas, which they believe now benefit other provinces. A number of Balochi groups are seeking more rights for the province, some of which have resorted to violence, while others are campaigning peacefully. The government has attempted to suppress this opposition by increasing the military presence in the region.

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