Sep 18, 2007

Rising Extremism and US intentions to invade Pakistan

Qazi Hussain Ahmad, president JI, writes, 'Islam is a religion of love and peace, which invites all human beings to live like brothers and worship one God so that the entire world could become an abode of peace'.

Ishtiaq Ahmed, senior political analyst, looks deeper into Qazi sahib's statement and traces the systematic Islamization by Islamists. He then writes, " Also, it would not be bad if we encourage our women and non-Muslim citizens to feel that they are equal before the law and have the same rights as Muslim men. Therefore, Qazi Hussain Ahmad should join the ranks of those who want to repeal all laws that create a society of unequals."

Ishtiaq Ahmed makes a valid argument that for Pakistanis our main concern should be, "We need to make sure that the Americans do not attack and occupy our country, which they will do, if they feel that the nuclear facilities are in the hands of terrorists.

He further adds, "The student wing of the Jamaat-e-Islami, the Islami Jamiat-e-Tulba, already terrorises liberal students on university campuses throughout Pakistan. Keeping such terrorism out of the streets of Islamabad and other towns and cities of Pakistan is most important if Pakistan is ever to start behaving like a civilised society that allows dissent and pluralism to flourish." (Full Article)

With recent comments by Senator Barack Obama and John Edward of invading Pakistan, if needed, to capture terrorist should make us look deeper of factors leading to rise of religious extremism in Pakistan.

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