Sep 19, 2007

Economy for the Elites

Dr. Manzur Ejaz writes on "elite consensus" to control economy of Pakistan. Benazir or Nawaz, neither has any program to address poverty, education and dismal health condition in Pakistan.

He further writes, "Pakistan is an extreme example of the elitist ruling phenomenon where, besides the economic domination of a small ruling class, respect for common law is also largely absent. The justice system has been transformed into a market commodity that can be bought and sold by the powerful."

Comparing Ayub era of Pakistan with South Korea he writes that Ayub had no long term plans to address the basic necessities of people. He writes about South Korea and other countries that besides the land reforms, they provided subsidised housing, health and educational services to common citizens.

He suggests in the end that to change this status quo a completely new political entity will be needed. (Full article)

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Anonymous said...

This is the same old, largely discredited "world systems' theory of a global elite (in the core and periphery) in collusion to control the "masses". This millenarian vision is dogmatically unaware of the dynamics of competitive "politics". Politics is not just the froth floating above the structure of economics. It has an autonomous logic.

It is easy to lump everyone under the umbrella term "elite" and discard competitive democracy. What alternative? a totally new political entity? In Latin America, it is electoral democracy that has ensured the return of socially progressive political forces. Not some political utopia which all too often deteriorate into tyranny.