Sep 19, 2007

CSIS South Asia Program Director supports fair election

CSIS, Center for Strategic and International Studies, Director, South Asia program, Teresita Schaffer, wrote a bold and an honest piece titled "Not the same Pakistan"

She reminded that US priorities are Pakistan's energetic participation in anti-terrorism operations and its political support in stabilizing Afghanistan.

She makes a strong case that US should make clear publicly that they will work with anyone who can win a genuinely free election and who will fight against the terrorists and lawbreakers that threaten Pakistan's society. (Full Publication in PDF - Click here)

For other publication by Teresita Schaffer (Click here)

Financial Times editorial writes on the same line saying that Pakistan needs to restore the legitimacy of its rulers and credibility of its institutions. A Musharraf-Bhutto alliance will not do that. An open contest, leading to a new democratic consensus against extremism, just might. (Full Editorial)

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