Sep 16, 2007

Spain Case: Benazir $150m alleged Corrution charges

Ansar Abbasi uncovers another aspect of Benazir-military deal. Benazir and Rehman Malik, additional DG FIA, have been charged by Madrid Spain court for being involved in UN oil for food program scam. It is alleged that both have siphoned $150 million.

Benazir expects US assurance that this and other charges in England, Switzerland and other countries will be dropped and that Pakistani government will let go of her corruption cases. In return Benazir is expected to play a role of "friendly" opposition to military directed smooth transition to "democracy". (Full Story)

More details on how money reached Spain. (full Article)
Further reporting by Ansar Abbasi, on NAB files (Click here)
UN Independent Inquiry committee on oil-for-food program (Full Report)

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