Sep 4, 2007

Fatima Bhutto on Hudood Ordinance Amendment

Fatima Bhutto, daughter of (late) Murtaza Bhutto, makes a valid argument that, not culture nor religion, laws like Hudood needs to be blamed for increasing violence against women. Before Hudood ordinance was implemented fornication was a personal sin not a crime against the state. With hudood ordinance women raped could be incarcerated for adultery. This resulted in rapes being under-reported.

Ms Fatima writes that this amendment doesn't make raped women more safe as they can still be tried for adultery. (full Story)

Asma Jahangir has a slightly different take on the amendment. Ms Jahangir sees the amendment as a step in the right direction. In her opinion this amendment has made the procedure of accusing someone of adultery very difficult. (Click here)

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