Sep 6, 2007

"Adultery" now an offence under Pakistan Penal Code

Daily Times editorial(17th Nov 2006) congratulates Musharraf, PPP and PMLQ for taking the right step in supporting Women's Protection Bill (WPB). Imran Khan and PML-N abstained. MMA walked out.

Both Rape and Adultery can now be tried under Pakistan Penal Code (PPC). It will be good for Rape victims as the condition of 4 pious male witnesses to prove rape, under Shariah law, is not required. Liberals wanted adultery to stay under Shariah law (Hudood Ordinance), so that it would be difficult to prove , but conservative within PML-Q compromised only after fornication (read senator Wasim Sajjad, leader of the House statement)was also brought under PPC. (Full Story)

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