Sep 7, 2007

Asma Jahangir favours the amendment

Asma Jahangir, a renowned women right activist, blasted the network of morality enforcers, the women parliamentarian of Jamaat, who pleaded to retain Hudood, in its present form, as faltering will open floodgates to immorality. They argued, writes Asma, that Pakistan was created to be a theocratic State.Their leaders lamented that like many Western countries people would start living out of wedlock and have illegitimate children.

Asma points out that, both adultery (Zina) and Rape are still offences but before this amendment a rape victim, during the course of investigation, if found to have consented to rape could be arrested for adultery. This amendment has made the procedure for adultery complaint stricter and those making an accusation of rape cannot be punished for zina. Thus, false accusations of zina will dramatically drop.

Since most women in Jail are because of "false" accusation of a adultery so this law is certainly a step in the right direction.(Full Story)

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