Aug 12, 2008

Dr. Aafia Siddiqi Case

August 2008: We have gone over and carefully considered all the available reports on the disappearance in 2003, and the sudden reappearance in July 2008, of Dr Aafia Sidddiqi.

In 2003, Dr Aafia Siddiqi was apparently abducted in Pakistan by Pakistani intelligence. She then was found in US custody in Afghanistan in 2008. She 'disappeared' and surfaced only lately after the news was leaked and the international press picked it up. It would seem that her interrogation in an Afghan police station was stage managed. A loaded gun was placed near her. It was claimed that she picked it up and tried to kill Americans soldiers who were there to question her. Her shots went wild, but she was hit.

She was brought while still badly hurt to NY to face charges of attempted murder of American soldiers.

We uphold supremacy of law, an independent judiciary and condemn in unequivocal terms all transgressions of law, abduction, illegal incarceration, and transfer of prisoners from one territory to another with out due process.

We demand a thorough investigation by independent U.N.O mandated agencies into the whole affair and that all the agents of injustice and law breakers be brought to the International court of Justice at the Hague. Read Story

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