Jun 10, 2008

ANAA Urges concerned citizens to condemns the expulsion of Ahmedi Medical Students in Pakistan

Dear ANAA Members,

Last week 23 Medical students belonging to Ahmedi faith were expelled from Medical college in Pakistan.

Please help disseminate the information by forwarding this email to relevant people/groups.

ANAA urge all to write a letter to:

1. Ambassador of Pakistan in USA, His Excellency Mr. Husain Haqqani ambassador@embassyofpakistanusa.org

urging him to contact the relevant authorities in Pakistan and appraise us on the status of the students and ensure that proper investigation is carried out.


Zaffar Iqbal, MD
ANAA President

ANAA's letter to the Ambassador:

10th June 2008


The Ambassador of Pakistan to the USA
3517 International Court, NW
Washington DC, 20008
Phone: 202-243-6500

His Excellency Mr. Husain Haqqani,

It has come to ANAA's attention that 23 students belonging to Ahmedi faith have been expelled from Punjab Medical College.
Few days before expulsions it was alleged that they were preaching their faith.

BBC reported that Islami Jamiat-e-tulba students surrounded the Principal's offices and raised slogans against the Ahmedi students. List of 23 Ahmedi students, expelled from the college, was then released by the college administration. The same day, a mob of about 300 college students also barged into Ahmedis students' rooms, beat them and threw their luggage out of their rooms.

Ahmedis, like other minorities, have been persecuted in Pakistan using discriminatory laws. They have faced hostile environments in Pakistan where they have been mascaraed at their religious places (click here for firing on Ahmedi Mosque).

ANAA takes a strong stand supporting Ahmedi students and demands that:

1. Students should be immediately re-instated.

2. Incident should be properly investigated and perpetrators identified and punished so that all minorities feel safe in the university.

ANAA hopes that your excellency will contact the relevant authorities in Pakistan and appraise our organization on status of the students and ensure that proper investigation is carried out.

We look forward to hearing from you about this tragic incident.


Zaffar Iqbal, MD
President ANAA

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ANAA is US based, registered non-profit advocacy group focused on restoration of human rights in Pakistan. It is a totally volunteer run grass root organization. It is the pioneer group amongst the diaspora engaged in increasing awareness for civil struggle in Pakistan. ANAA believes in participatory politics as a basic human right in Pakistan. ANAA supports independent judiciary and freedom of media in Pakistan

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