Nov 18, 2007

PU Teachers: Booked for Treason - How We Can Help from US....

Dear Colleagues,

Pakistan civil society has a hope as judiciary, media and now the teachers are rallying for democracy and independence of institution in Pakistan.

At ANAA-voice, official blog of ANAA , we are archiving the efforts from US for restoration of rule of law in Pakistan.

Now is the time to show solidarity with the teachers. Punjab University's, a premier institution in Pakistan, 13 teachers have been booked under treason. Please email at or call us 928-550-0062 if you have ideas of how we, from US, can show our support for the teachers movement.

Nation Reported that the varsity teachers booked include President of Punjab University Academic Staff Association Prof Dr Mumtaz Ahmed Salik, Secretary ASA Prof Dr Asmat Ullah, Prof Dr Haris Rashid, Prof Dr Mujahid Kamran, Prof Dr Mujahid Mansoori, Prof Dr Bashir Ahmed, Prof Dr Shafiq Jallundhri, Prof Ch Muhammad Nazir, Prof Nayyar Raza Zaidi, Prof Sami Ozair, Prof Ziaullah Shah, Prof Abdul Ghaffar and Prof Amanullah.

On November 8 the ASA held the general body meeting of the association at the Chemical Engineering Department. After the conclusion of the meeting, which condemned the imposition of emergency rule in the country and the introduction of PCO. The teachers formed a small procession and marched some distance to the Institute of Education and Research. The teachers peaceful protest ended at IER. They were holding banners calling for restoration of democracy and judiciary. The teachers were not more than 100 in number.

The teachers have been booked under the PPC 143 according to which they were breaking the law of the land and their gathering was of more than 400 people. Section 124 A says that they were committing an act of treason. The teachers were booked by the police and not arrested mainly for the reason that there were huge protests of students in the varsity everyday and the situation was very tense. Saturday and Sunday being holidays at the varsity the police began search for them.

Late Saturday night all the booked teachers, who are renowned academics and research scholars, faced great mental torture. Fearing arrest many of them were planning not to spend the night with their families. full story

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