Sep 12, 2007

Nexus of Military, JUI, Taliban and religious extremism.

Ahmed Rashid (Website), writer of a best seller "The Taliban", states that army is insistent in making JUI (F) a part of any future deal, may it be with PPP or PML. He says that JUI run madrassa's have been the backbone for support of Taliban in Pakistan. Any role of JUI in next government will lead to rise of religious extremism.

He explains how morale of soldiers are low as popularity of Musharraf plummits among common people. People sees military, not a solution, but a part of the problem. FATA (Wideangle-PBS on FATA) (Map of FATA) identified by US as hot bead of Taliban and al-Qaeda re-organization is becoming impossible for Pakistan military to control.

Ahmed Rashid, points out that Gen Musharraf has failed to convince the general public that the struggle against extremism is not just President Bush's war, but a struggle that all fair-minded Pakistanis must wage. (Full article)

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