Sep 12, 2007

In Pakistan "Rulers" are the Law.

Masud Alam, BBC reporter from Islamabad, accurately describes the problem of Pakistan. He says that the incompetence of bureaucracy, ignorance of politicians, greed of military for power and money has created and then compounded the social anarchy.

He mentions the complete disregard of rule of law by democratically elected leaders, liberals and conservatives, and repeated coups, defined in Pakistan's constitution as "high treason", by armed forces.

He accurately describes the condition in Pakistan, "in this country, laws are not made "for the people", more often than not they are made to be used "against" them. "
He concludes saying that what brought people out on the street for Chaudhry Iftikhar is that for the first time a common person saw that the law was not siding with the "law maker". (Full Article)

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