Nov 25, 2008

ANAA's letter to NY Time on their article on Education in Pakistan and Mr. Bijrani Case

24th Nov, 2008


The NY Times Editor,

Dear Editor,

Nicolas Kristoff has been a true friend for people of Pakistan. He has fearlessly written for the survivors specially Mukhtaran Mai, Shazia Khalid and Aisha Parveen. Your paper is creating a needed space for civil society by exposing the utter incompetence and criminal behaviour of people in power.

I am the president of ANAA, US based advocacy group for people of Pakistan. In the past our efforts to highlight honour crimes and other human right abuses in Pakistan have been supported by timely published op-ed pieces in your paper.

We fully support Mr. Kristoff's recommendation to US policy maker in his recent article, The Pakistan Test published on November 22rd, 2008. It would have been timely that he had recommended the restoration of Pakistan Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry, who had ordered the arrest of Mr Bijarani while presiding the Supreme Court. Justice Iftikhar is currently on a US trip to receive the Medal of Freedom from Harvard University.

Pakistan's civil society is grateful for your paper's contribution for rule of law and respect of human rights in Pakistan.

Zaffar Iqbal, MD
ANAA President

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