Sep 7, 2008

Baluchistan: Live Burial of Innocent Women

ANAA condemn in the strongest possible terms the live burial of five innocent women in Baluchistan. What is infinitely worse is that a senator, no less, defended the heinous crime on the floor of the house.

Compounding the callous stupidity, the acting chairman of Pakistan's senate tried to minimize the brutality of the crime by stating, again on the floor, that only five women had died, the sky had not fallen.

We have made note of the statement of the leader of the team which performed post-mortem on two of the women that they were killed with blunt instruments before burial. That in no way mitigates the gravity of the dastardly crime.

We demand that

1. HR organization is Pakistan be, officially and formally, made part of the investigation.

2. The defenders of the cold blooded murders in the senate be reprimanded and proceedings started to suspend their membership of the house.

3. Hudood ordnance be repealed and "honor Killing" be made a crime against the state and not against a family to allow perpetrators to escape the full penalty of law, by coercing relatives to accept blood money.

4 An impartial and fair inquiry be instituted, the alleged perpetrator be tried and given punishment to the full extent of the law..

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nasir said...

Good statement, although a bit late.
Wonder what is the stand of the progressive political parties on this issue.

temporal said...

a bit late? yes

but the din and protests should continue if any meaningful change is to occur ... in the distant future