Jan 18, 2008

Ask Your Member of Congress to Co-sponsor Resolution for Pakistan

Congressman Trent Franks(R-AZ) has tabled a resolution, H. Res 840, Calling for the protection of human rights and restoration of rule of law in Pakistan.

Resolution is in Foreign Relation Committee. From here it will go to the floor for discussion and then voting. If passed this will be a victory for civil society as it asks for the restoration of supreme court judges.

Action Needed:

We want Members of Congress to Co-sponsors the resolution.

As a constituent you can call your Member of Congress DC Office. (click here for the number). Introduce yourself as a constituent, show your concern for deteriorating law and order in Pakistan and ask to be connected to Legislative/foreign affair staffer. Once you are connected to the appropriate person mention your concern about rise of religious extremism in Pakistan and share that political stability and rule of law are necessary steps to solve this crisis. Mention that this is one of the reason we are supporting that judiciary be restored in Pakistan. Here are some more talking points, click here.

Ask them to co-sponsor this bi-partisan resolution, H.Res 840, introduced by Congressman Trent Franks. If they agree to co-sponsor the resolution ask them to email Tina.Ramirez@mail.house.gov. Tina, Congressman Franks staffer, will add their name as co-sponsor. More co-sponsors a resolution has more are the chances of it passing on the floor (of Congress).

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