Nov 5, 2007

Tariq Ali on Emergency in Pakistan

Tariq Ali (his website), analyses the imposition of Emergency in Pakistan.

Writing for The Independent, he says that the reason was that they (military) feared that a Supreme Court judgment due next week might make it impossible for Musharraf to contest the elections.

He further writes about the dilemma of Benazir Bhutto that if she ultimately supports the latest turn it will be an act of political suicide and if she decides to dump the general (she accused him last night of breaking his promises), she will be betraying the confidence of the US state department, which pushed her this way.

He concludes that the Supreme Court's declaration that the new dispensation was "illegal and unconstitutional" was heroic, and, by contrast, the hurriedly sworn in new Chief Justice will be seen for what he is: a stooge of the men in uniform.

If the constitution remains suspended for more than three months then Musharraf may be pushed aside by the army and a new strongman installed. Or it could be that the aim was limited to cleansing the Supreme Court and controlling the media. In which case a rigged January election becomes a certainty. full article

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