Nov 3, 2007

Swat: Why is there a Crisis?

Swat (map) is called a country of "Pakistani Taliban". ANAA looks at the event leading to current crisis in Swat.

Maulana Fazlullah is the son-in-law of Maulana Sufi Muhammad, the jailed leader of the outlawed Tehrik-e-Nifaz-e-Shariat-e-Mohammadi (TNSM - the Movement for the Implementation of Mohammad's Sharia Law). TNSM is the group behind the ideological inspiration for the Afghan Taliban.

May 23, 2007: Maulana Fazulullah signed a deal with the government of Pakistan. The cleric holds considerable sway over the conservative population of the district and led a campaign denouncing television, music, polio drops, education for girls and women’s empowerment through speeches on his illegal FM station. He has now been allowed to operate the radio station until Pakistan Electronic Media and Regulatory Authority laws are extended to the Provincially Administered Tribal Areas. click here

July 7, 2007: After Lal Masjid incident Maulana Fazlullah, 28 yr old radical cleric, of Swat asked his followers to attack to strike the government agencies. click here

Sept 27, 2007: Maulana Fazullah announced to end the deal. It is a shame for the government of Pakistan that first any deal was signed with this extremist cleric and secondly when in July Maulana Fazlullah has announced the girl education is un-islamic resulting in 2000 parents sending their girls to school, it was then that the government should have exercised their writ and closed his illegal radio station and given him exemplary punishment.

Nov 3, 2007: Swat an area with a population of 1.6 million majority living under the poverty line and 3 of seven tehsils with about 600,000 people under Maulana's control. Extremists control the east side and north is landlocked because of snow. This indeed is the time for the State to show its writ and very carefully re-establishes its control without harming the peace loving people of Swat. click here

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