Nov 6, 2007

Pakistan Journalist Union gives a 48hr Deadline to Government

From Mazhar Abbas,

Nov 7:

Dear colleagues,

In an emergency meeting of the Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists
(PFUJ), held in Islamabad, has decided to resist all kind of
pressures against media and has given 48-hours deadline to the
government to withdraw the two Ordinances against print and
electronic media, end the blockade of private tv news channels, FM-

The meeting, which attended by the President and General Secretaries
of affiliated unions, Executive Council members of the PFUJ,
unanimously decided to launch a protest campaign against the "anti-
people," steps taken by the government and deprived people from their
basic right to know.

If government failed to withdraw the two Ordinances,
countrywide "Black Day," will be observe during which journalists
will stage walkout from the official functions including that of
President and Prime Minister.

The meeting strongly condemned Sindh police for producing detained
four cameramen and one reporter in handcuffed in court on
Tuesday. "Its most humilitating to produce journalists in courts like
criminals. It clearly showed that the emergency is not to crush
militancy but freedom of expression, voice of dissent and civil
society," it said.

PFUJ has worked out a month long strategy to counter anti-media moves
which includes countrywide protest day, hunger strike camps, protest
demonstrations. Details will be release to the media in a Press
Conference on Wednesday, afternoon.

PFUJ has also decided to invite an International Mission of
International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) to Pakistan and to
observe "Global Action Day," in solidarity with the Pakistani

PFUJ has also appealed to the newspaper editors, owner's bodies and
broadcasters to support journalist's struggle and join hands for
combined movement.

Mazhar Abbas

1 comment:

Hammad H., Islamabad said...

Its easy to start protesting against 'draconian' measures. I'm surprised why nobody is talking about the vindictiveness of the deposed CJ and the way he was misusing his authority to settle personal scores.

And the "progressive" media?? Since 1947, nobody else has succeeded in spreading more anarchy in the country than our "liberal" free elctronic media.

How about holding a protest against that?

All Pakistanis demonstrating in the US must know the guidelines the American media have and what national interest means to the Americans. Is the US media allowed to spread anarchy by supporting the terrorists, spreading lies and deliberately stirring up a doomsday scenario in the country.

Its all very easy to protest against a uniformed general. Sounds right sitting in the US, doesnt it?