Nov 14, 2007

NY Seminar: Thurs 15th Nov at 7:00 PM

Emergency in Pakistan: Formulating an International Response

Panel Discussion

Thursday, November 15th from 7-9pm
601C, Columbia School of Journalism

The current political crisis in Pakistan will be discussed including the
suspension of civil liberties, judicial purges, media blackout, and arrests
of over 2,000 laywers, students, human rights activists and academics. The
focus will be on the challenges facing journalists in Pakistan in particular
and how international civil and human rights actors can formulate an
effective response to the situation.


Robert Templer
Director of Asia Program, International Crisis Group NYC

Sami Abrahim
GEO TV NY Correspondent (Pakistan's premier news channel which has been off
the air since the imposition of emergency)

Kiran Khalid
Freelance broadcast journalist and documentary filmmaker of "We Are Not
Free," about media censorship in Pakistan.

Questions related to the event can be directed to Tabinda Khan

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