Nov 13, 2007

NY Seminar: Sunday 18th Nov at 1:00 PM

Doctors For Democracy and Justice Seminar:
Pakistan main Aeen and Jumhooriat ki Pamaali-Ek lamhae fikr (Trampling of Constitution and Justice in Pakistan.)

The rapidly worsening political and constitutional limbo in Pakistan is a great cause of concern for all the Pakistanis. Never before, Pakistan has seen such a blatant violation of its constitution and the political process. In order to be better inform ourselves and the rest of the Pakistani American community, Doctors for Democracy, a Pakistani American Physicians group in collaboration with Coney Island Avenue Project, will hold a seminar in Little Pakistan, the Midwood section of Coney Island Avenue, Brooklyn NY. Speakers, experts in their respective fields, will highlight the assault on Judiciary, journalists and the political process.

Invited Speakers include Dr. Manzur Ejaz, Hassan Abbas and Rana Ramzan.

Arrangements are being made to have telephone address by leading resistance activists form Pakistan

The program will start at 1 PM on Sunday November 18th at Ziafat ( previous Bukhara Restaurant) 786 Coney Island Avenue Midwood NY 11230. Tel 718-287-7011. It will continue till 5 PM.

Endorsement: Pakistani American Advocates for Civil and Human Rights (PAACHR), Asian-American Network against Abuse of Human Rights (ANAA), Association of Pakistani Physicians for Democracy and Justice (APPJD), Pak-American Freedom Forum. The seminar is endorsed by representatives of the political parties: Sarwar Chaudhry (Pakistan Peoples Party) Rana Saeed (PML-N), Taj Akbar (ANP).

Doctors for Democracy calls for immediate end of the Emergency, restoration of full democracy, supremacy of law, respect for the civil and human rights and protection and upholding of the National Sovereignty from foreign and external interference in the political spectrum.

For further information, please contact Dr. Abdul Majeed (516) 655-4134) Dr. Qazi K.Haider (516) 225-7852, Dr. Faheem Butt (516) 410-1507, Dr. Nasir Gondal (917) 860-0808 and Ahsahullah Khan Bobby of Coney Island Avenue Project (917) 440-9002

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