Nov 8, 2007

HRCP on Arrested Advocate Jawed Iqbal Burki


HRCP is deeply concerned about the health and life of its Advocate, Mr. Jawed Iqbal Burqi

November 09, 2007 Karachi: The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan is deeply concerned about the life and health of its Advocate, Mr. Jawed Iqbal Burqi who was arrested on November 4, 2007 from his residence in Nazimabad and kept detained in Nazimabad Police Station for two days and later transferred to Central Jail, Karachi on November 6, 2007. Mr. Burqi who got injured in the stampede after the suicidal bomb attacks on Ms. Benazir Bhutto's Caravan in Karachi, requires necessary medicines immediately but neither the family members nor the colleagues of Mr. Burqi are being allowed to see him and to provide him necessary medicines in the jail.

HRCP notes with grave concern that since November 03, 2007, thousands of judges, journalists, lawyers, politicians and activists of civil society have been detained and police have been given wide powers to use force with impunity to suppress public demonstrations.

HRCP warns that targeting innocent people, further isolating the population from news, suspending community access to justice and repressing legitimate dissent would only create resentment, encourage extremism and exacerbate insecurity.

The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan strongly reiterates its demand that Mr. Jawed Iqbal Burqi Advocate and all other lawyers, journalists, political and human rights activists arrested all over the country must immediately be released unconditionally.

HRCP also demands that the proclamation of November 3 and all actions taken under it be withdrawn and cancelled forthwith.

Zohra Yusuf
Vice Chairperson,
Sindh Human Rights Commission of Pakistan

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