Oct 25, 2007

Balochistan Conflict: Solutions suggested by ICG

International Crisis Group (ICG) is a think tank which has been doing serious research on Pakistan. Their office in Islamabad has come out with excellent reports analysing the problems and suggesting solutions.

ICG recent report of Balochistan conflict concludes that although the crisis in Balochistan is assuming threatening dimensions, it is not irremediable provided the national and provincial elections are free and fair.

The restoration of participatory representative institutions would reduce tensions between the centre and the province, empower moderate forces and marginalise extremists. In the absence of a transition to meaningful democracy, however, the military’s strong-arm tactics are bound to further fuel the insurgency, at great cost to the Baloch people and Pakistan’s enfeebled federal framework.

ICG takes a detailed look at political alienation of people of Balochistan and growing frustration among the youth which is pushing them to join armed resistance against the centre.

Nationalist Balochis could be a natural partner against the extremist but myopic policies of government of Pakistan is alienating them.

report overview click here
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