Sep 27, 2007

Who Killed Murtaza Bhutto?

20th September 1996 Mir Murtaza Bhutto, last surviving son of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, was shot dead.

Ms Fatima Bhutto, then 12 yrs old, daughter of late Murtaza Bhutto remembers the assasination of her father.

She writes that no other but her aunt Ms Benazir Bhutto was the prime minister and DG of Intelligence bureau, Masood Sharif, who reported directly to the prime minister on "police intelligence" and "law and order" was rewarded, after her father's assassination, by a position on the central committee of Benazir-Zardari PPP.

Ms Bhutto further writes that in a somewhat magical move, Mr. Zardari has been given a position on the board of the Oxonian Society (Website), Oxford University’s networking organization. The president of the Oxonian society, a gentleman named Joe Pascal (, introduced Mr Zardari, who joins CEOs, captains of industry, and Rhodes scholars, as a ‘Pakistani political prisoner’. Someone ought to write to Mr Pascal ( and tell him that murder cases, narcotics cases, and corruption cases worth billions of dollars do not make a Nelson Mandela.

She laments that eleven years later we have a court case in which the defence shows no interest because they have no fear that they’ll ever face punishment for their crimes – how many men and women were murdered in extra-judicial killings in Karachi from 1993-1996? Thousands. Check the records.My father is only one of those victims. They have killed many more and gotten away with it and they will kill many more so long as violence is politically rewarded and injustice is tolerated by the highest levels of the government. (full article)

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